This morning, 14 January, the Birkenhead Churches combined for a service at Zion Hill Church.   The photo below shows their Minister, the Reverend Marilyn Welch, delivering her Sermon from the Pulpit.

This was an interesting sermon (well, aren’t all sermons?) and included an anecdote about a famous political figure.  I’ll not relate it now, since Reverend Marilyn has agreed to email it to me.  I’ll upload it to the “Sermons” page if/when it comes.

The photo gives the appearance of an empty Church, peopled with just one Samoan gentleman from their congregation.  But not so.  As is usual in these times, the congregation fills the pews up from the back.  I abhore this, and like to sit closer where I can nod encouragingly at appropriate times.  Actually, I really prefer to sit right next to the organ and piano, where I can encourage the two competent musicians with my enthusiastic singing.  In fact, there was a good congregation.

Why do we all want to sit at the back?  Sometimes a good idea if one has loud children, and this Church has an area at the back by the door where children can play and colour pictures.  But anyway, these days nobody worries about loud children.

Do we fear, perhaps, that fire and brimstone may erupt to consume us during a particularly colourful bit of the sermon?  Or to get a head start afterwards to retire to the adjacent lounge to consume morning tea?  The morning tea after this service was particularly lush and filling incidentally, and well consumed by the appreciative congregation. 

No, That can’t be the the reason. Tradition?  Humility?  Some time back, we tried the experiment at St Andrews’ of roping off the back pews to force the Faithful to sit at the front.  This was accepted, but seemed to make some people grumpy.  So we stopped doing it.

Anyway, It is good to meet our friends from the other local Churches at these combined services at the start of the year.  We can catch up with what they have all been doing, and think “My goodness, another year has passed, and where does January go, we are halfway through it already”.

Next Sunday’s Service will also be at Zion Hill.  If you have relatives staying with you, bring them along.  And watch the “Sermons” page on this website to see the Reverend Marilyn’s one, when/if it appears.

Happy new year!  Go forth in Faith, as Reverend Marilyn exhorted us, with glad hearts and faces, looking forward to the joys that the new year will bring!

   The Webmaster.