Finding  a new Minister.

Northern Presbytery has appointed the Reverend Martin Fey as Interim Moderator to oversee our search.

Martin is the Minister at Forrest Hill Presbyterian Church. 

The interim moderator ensures that effective ministry continues during the vacancy.  His task as settlement board convener is to help the congregation determine a suitable form of ministry for the future of the parish.  This may include appointing an ordained minister, which will require approval of the presbytery.

Martin is readily found on the web.  Alternatively, phone him at 410 9429.


    Who To Contact?

 Church email:


Webmaster: Gary Bold

Council Clerk: Rosemary Bold  Phone  483 7240

Interim Moderator: Reverend Martin Fey:  Phone 410 9429

Church and Hall Bookings:  Greg Skudder Ph: 418 1615

Worship Committee: Robyn Bogue 418 0973
  meets 2nd Monday at 7.30pm

Pastoral Committee: Barbara Wesley 480 9123.  meets bimonthly 1st Thursday at 9.30am

Resource Committee and BOD:  Ian Bogue: 0274 300 418
  meets 3rd Tuesday at 7 pm

Prayer Chain:  Maureen Kearney  Phone: 449 1216

Envelope Secretary:  Glenys Skudder 09 418 1615

Bulletin:  Anne Green 443 4456



                  Worship  Service

               Readings                        Prayers
22nd Oct       Gary Bold                          Gary Pash
29th Oct        Don McDowell                    Lexi McDowell
5th Nov         Karen Davies                    Greg Skudder
12th Nov      Robyn Bogue                    Ian Bogue

                  Duty Rosters