St Andrews Presbyterian Church

172 Hinemoa Street, Birkenhead
Service time:  9.30 am
Morning tea is provided after the service.

Minister:  Reverend Hilary has gone
 back to the UK.  We’re currently searching for a Replacement.
 Manse Phone: 480 7229  
 Email Church Office
 Email Webmaster

Settlement Board Convener
 (see left)

Reverend Martin Fey,
Minister at Forrest Hill Presbyterian


We run two “Mainly Music” sessions during school terms, at 9.15 am and 10.45 am, on Tuesday mornings.

Phone Pauline, at 418 1312  for information.

Families are welcome!

A Creche is available for babies, and a play and reading area for older children at the back of the Church.

We don’t mind if they talk a bit.

Who To Contact?

Church email:
Council Clerk:                                Phone  483 7240
Church and Hall Bookings:          Phone  480 9123
Worship Committee:                     Phone  418 1312
Pastoral Committee:                     Phone  418 1699
 Resource Committee and BOD:   Ian Bogue             0274 300 418
Prayer Chain:                                 Phone 021 0261 7477
Envelope Secretary                    Phone 09 838 3153



Children are very welcome in our worship services, and have an important part to play.

Their dedicated area near the front means they are a real part of every service but with their own activities related to the sermon for adults. They share what they have done just before the Benediction.